History Of Montezuma Lodge No.1

Montezuma Lodge was first chartered on May 8, 1851 by the Grand Lodge of Missouri. Almost immediately after the cessation of Hardin Lodge No. 87, the second Military Lodge, Santa Fe Masons petitioned for a dispensation, once to the Grand Lodge of Maryland and once to the Grand Lodge of Missouri, but neither time with success. Thus, the territory was without any Masonic Lodge for three years.

The charter went into practical effect with the institution of Montezuma Lodge No. 109, August 22, 1851. On August 7, 1877, the Grand Lodge of New Mexico was formed and the lodge received a new charter as Montezuma Lodge No. 1.

Regular communications of Montezuma Lodge are held on the first Monday of each month (Holidays excepted) at 7:00pm. Guests are welcome to join us for dinner before the meeting at 6:00pm.